Precision-Cut Tissue Slices

Allows researchers to observe and assess organ functions under cell culture conditions to study the metabolism of almost any organ system.

Applicable organ systems include:

    • Respiratory system (Precision-cut lung slices)
    • Hepatology system (Precisionary-cut liver slices)
    • Gastrointestinal system (Precision-cut gut slices)
    • Renal system (Precisionary-cut kidney slices)
Precision-cut slices require healthy, viable tissue slices in order for metabolism studies to yield accurate results. Slicing is the first and most important step of this procedure.  The ability to cut the perfect tissue slice to minimize cellular damage is crucial for subsequent experiments. The traditional method of using a Krumdieck tissue slicer introduces unwanted tissue stretching and causes damage to the cells on these slices.  With our patented compression technology, the Compresstome® can provide healthier slices with more viable cells for your metabolism, pharmacology, and toxicology experiments.
 Exactly how is the Compresstome® better than a Krumdieck slicer?
  • Yields healthier slices for metabolism studies
  • Gives more viable cells for experiments
  • Allows you to section a “core” of tissue
  • Applications include pharmacolog & toxicology studies
  • You can control the slice thickness!
  • Get consistent slice thickness with every cut
The Compresstome® semi-automated VF-200-0Z and the fully automated VF-300-0Z produce the highest quality precision-cut tissues slices.
Need the Protocol?  We have that, too!

Video shows reactive bronchi from precision-cut lung slices made with the Compresstome® at NIH lab