Compresstome® gives you much more living cells on your tissue slice for patch clamping.


Morphology and tissue structure is key for immunohistochemical studies. The Compresstome® gives you the best slices with an easy procedure.

Precision-Cut Lung Slices

Well-kept living cells on the lung slice allow you to see airway and vessel responsiveness of different animals.

Mature Animals

It’s difficult to cut through the myelin in more matured animals. The patented compression technology fixes this issue, giving great slices for mature animals.

Organotypic Culture

Preserving the health and integrity of the sub-cellular internal structure is crucial to organotypic cultures. The Compresstome® can do that for you.

Other Organ Systems

The Compresstome® has been widely used to section other tissue organs including adipose, heart, liver, kidney, lymph node, thymus, gut, and spleen tissues.